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welcome to xXxOmfgZombiexXx/DaSpamer Offical blog!

In this blog I'll be posting all the hacks I make

Making a team

Im planning to make a hacking team,

Im looking for people who know how to make array of bytes code

People who know how to make custom trainers

People who know how to use cheat engine well [I'll test you..], Like know the basic and advanched

I need people who can update,style the blog and add a forum.

Please contact me in skype

my skype is CheaterTankionline

Have fun digging in my blog :)



Marvel Avengers Alliance Score boost hack and untargeted hack!

Get marvel Avegenrs alliance hack!
Watch the video
Last update [Until it get patched or something]
I Created a new script to make this work [skip ads 5 times to download]:
Download link for the cheat table[unistall cheat engine 6.1 and download cheat engine 6.2!]:
Download link for the trainer[for firefox]
Download link for the trainer[for opera]

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Hack created by me!


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