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welcome to xXxOmfgZombiexXx/DaSpamer Offical blog!

In this blog I'll be posting all the hacks I make

Making a team

Im planning to make a hacking team,

Im looking for people who know how to make array of bytes code

People who know how to make custom trainers

People who know how to use cheat engine well [I'll test you..], Like know the basic and advanched

I need people who can update,style the blog and add a forum.

Please contact me in skype

my skype is CheaterTankionline

Have fun digging in my blog :)



Marvel Avengers Alliance MEGA HACK! 9 June

Hello fans and followers
I created new MEGA HACK :)
The hack contains:
Score Boost Hack: [you will earn now 10 million or more]
In case you wont able to enable it, please complete 1 mission
because the last multiplier is increased by alot, so you still should get lots of points
Untargeted Hack: Disable the enemy [Not recommended against bosses]
Status Hack : changes all your characters skills status to high
Stamina = 0
Damage =20,000-300,000
hit/critical=1000% [will show 100% but its 1000%]

Enjoy! :)
You may support me [press on the donate button if you want to support]


  1. june 11, it stopped working today. must have been patched or something. thank you tho, was great while it lasted. hope you fix it and also add to it some more features. =)

  2. i did get the Opera one to work, but for whatever reason the firefox one wont work at all anymore. Tried all kinds of stuff like, clearing caches, uninstalling addons, end task on plugin container, reinstalling trainer, even reinstalling firefox, but it wont work anymore. So thats when I tried the Opera version, and that seems to work with the exception of Ironman, for some reason his stats wont change, but everything else is fine. So ill stick with opera. any plans on adding features ? preferably energy. Some other suggestions would be - able to recieve more than 50 gifts a day or any of the resources like points, iso-8, n gold. If not thats cool, thanks for what you've done already, much appreciated.

  3. Cant you post the table?
    I wanna understand somethings... please

    1. No, I dont trust anyone,
      Because they will make "they own" hack, without giving credits or whateve

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. HAck is DEff patched now

  6. well it is not working
    but i still want to thank you dude for ur hard work
    keep up gud work for the community

  7. It's august~ the hack was stopped working since june, but i still wanna thank you for your effort of making this! If any updates, please email me @<< Thanks!!

  8. if have any update plz email me too


    But not work to me =(

  10. I Got Nice Extension For marvel Avengers
    not Much But It Give Free Silver And Exp For Heroes as long u open your browser

    Automatic Deck Extension


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